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The Sun

The sun is our greatest friend, it supplies the earth with energy in the form of radiation that allows life to exist on earth. All our petrol and other fossil fuels were once plant matter that converted the suns radiation into energy rich material ( eg. Petrol, coal etc. ) that powers the life-style we now live on earth.

Interesting facts about the sun

  • 4.26 million tonnes of Hydrogen are consumed per second in the sun
  • Suns surface temperature is 5700 Celsius
  • Core temperature of the sun is 13,600,000 Celsius
  • It takes over 17 000 years for the sunlight ( photons ) we see to escape the core of the sun

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Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers of Suntan Lotion and Suncreams as per clients requirements.

All our products contain anti-oxidant and free radicle scavenging vitamins A , C and E. For extra after sun skin protection.
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The Sun and Man

Pictures of the Sun, information on the Sun, The Sun, Solar Flares, Solar radiation properties of the Sun. Live images of the Sun.Live Pictures of the sun and solar flares. Suntan Lotions block out solar radiation.